Mother of all Life Habits – Waking up Early

It has to be the best and the simplest ( okay not that simple :P) of all habits we can have in our lives. Waking up early is not one habit, it is the seed of at least 10 other simple habits such as

1. Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning

2. Get fresh morning air

3. Do pranayama ( breath exercises ) empty stomach in the morning

4. Write a morning goodness journal

5. Do some morning yoga

6. Wish your beloved/ parents/ kids – ilu ilu 🙂

7. Have a nice shower

8. Listen to some good music

9. Make your bed

10. Water your plants

11. Make a good breakfast for your partner

12. Have a small cheat nap after 2 hours of waking up

13. Write and record a poem/note

14. Wish one friend good morning on phone/in person

15. Write a hand written letter to your partner/kids/ your future self

The above fifteen are some of the great habits which can be accomplished all if you just do one thing – wake up early.  Wake up not later than 6 Am. This will allow you to have 2 hours to do all the above and then have a hearty breakfast before leaving for work.


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