Play the Roles – the KRAs

One of the most simple life habits I can think of is just playing the role we are supposed to, with our 100%. In our lives, we get ourselves burdened by trying to play so many roles so many times.  Roles which we call upon ourselves. Which is additional to the roles which the universe has given us to play automatically.  Let’s call the automatic roles as our KRAs ( Key Result Areas) and additional roles as Out of KRA. It’s good to achieve out of KRA things, but we will always be rated on our KRAs.

So which are these KRAs? I will try to look at it from a Man`s perspective. Essentially these are the roles which I have towards the females in my life. The roles of a son to my mother, a brother to my sister, a beloved to my soulmate, a husband to my wife, a father to my daughter, a grandfather to my granddaughter. Notice I have conveniently removed the roles I have towards the males in my life. We will talk about it some other blog. I am a strong believer that if we do justice to our roles towards the opposite sex, everything else will be taken care of by itself.

So how will we achieve these KRAs. What are the parameters of measurement.

  1. Trust and understanding
  2. Expression of love, need and difference of opinions
  3. Patience
  4. Time given to the relationship
  5. That special KRA ( this has to be filled by the BOSS in relationship)

We should actually do a bi-annual review of ourselves on these KRAs. It might also be a good idea to actually get this done by the person at the receiving end.  In addition to the sincerity element, it would bring the fun in the relationship.  You could take an exclusive day out just for the 2 of you when you do this session with that person. It’s akin to a professional off site for review and goal setting. Imagine such an outing with your daughter.

“I and Dhaani went out to her favorite park for the mid year relationship review.  We purposely did not put a structure to the day as we wanted it to be a free-flowing exchange of ideas and feedback.  We had agreed on my deliverables in the beginning of the year. I was hoping I get at least a “SUPER DAD” this year, so the mid year review was very important. We started the day with some games and then went on the salad bar where she told me she was very happy with my top most deliverable which was the time given to her. I scored the max there. Even in areas which i thought i needed to bucked up eg patience and her special KRA , i got good ratings. It was a fun day which was special in many ways for me and also gave me lot of boost for my papahood.”

Amazing, isn’t it?  If we start taking our relationships as ( ideally it should be more) professionally then our jobs/career, the whole paradigm changes.

In the next few posts , i will talk about these specific roles

  • Son to my Mother
  • Brother to my Sisters
  • Beloved to my Soulmate
  • Husband to my Wife ( same as above in my case)
  • Father to my Daughter


Keep being Awesome.




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