Qabit – habits worth quitting ( like right now)

Like everything else in life, there are two sides to habits as well. There are good habits and there are bad. Good habits are what the most of this blog is dedicated to. But today, for a change, we will talk about the bad ones.  While some of these can be put in a debatable bucket ( they bring some benefits ); there are few which is a sure shot way to doom ( and gloom). The earlier one quits these habits, the better it is for the universe( and oneself). Let’s call these “worth quitting today, right this moment” habits – QABITS.

QABIT- Quit this Habit

While even these habits might give temporary and ephemeral joy/ sense of achievement to the person pursuing the habit, if done in a long run proves fatal; either to the person or to her character or to larger humankind or to the entire universe. I am all for freedom of opinion and freedom of habits. But there are some truths which can not be relative. Ever seen the sun rising in the west. You got the drift. So let’s try to list some of these qabits. We like bucketing things, so let’s try to bucket these under Health, Character, and Universe:


  1. Smoking ( Has to be at the top)
  2. Drinking carbonated beverages
  3. Narcotics
  4. Eating junk/packaged food
  5. Using too many chemicals/cosmetics/Medicines


  1. Using abusive language
  2. Being late
  3. Social Media reading ( yes it’s a habit)
  4. Couch Potato” ing
  5. Career> Family>Fun


  1. Taking Selfies
  2. Cutting queues ( or traffic)
  3. Yelling at someone in public place
  4. Snoring in a public transport
  5. Pulling people down

5 Each I could think of for now.


Keep being Awesome.


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