The 2 minute rule

It’s not only Maggi which is cooked in 2 minutes, good habits also do. We have been taught at the Management college to break down a bigger problem into smaller, manageable problems. It helps to look at seemingly tough habits similarly. Eg If you have to get into a habit of exercising for 15 minutes daily, start with those 2 minutes, and just leave it there. You will slowly cook the 15-minute exercising habit. Let us see other examples of this:

  1. To cultivate writing as a habit  – Just scribble your random ideas ( 2 minutes)
  2.  Gratitude Journal – Write just 3 lines of gratitude, without think of what, who, How and where, let it all come naturally ( 2 minutes)
  3.  Conversation on phone – Pick up the phone and call rather than typing a message    ( 5 seconds)
  4.  Helping someone – Just move forward and start helping, won’t even take a minute to start  ( 1 minutes to start)
  5. Striking conversation with strangers – Say “Hi” with a smile ( 5 seconds)

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